Why Choose A Pediatrician?

Pediatricians are trained to:


  • Help you determine healthy lifestyles for your child and useful ways to role model your choices.

  • Offer advice to prevent illness and injuries.

  • Provide early and appropriate care of acute illness to prevent its progression.

  • Treat life-threatening childhood conditions requiring intensive care.

  • Guide you in anticipating your child's needs from newborn to 18 years of age.




As part of their extensive training, pediatricians are experienced in the physical, emotional, and social development of children. Children may be too young or shy to talk so pediatricians understand the importance of listening carefully to your child, and to you. Pediatricians answer your questions, helping you to understand and promote your child's healthy development. Pediatricians also address issues affecting a child'sfamily and home environment.


Pediatricians understand that children are not simply small adults.


They often present different symptoms from adults. They may need different prescriptions or treatments than adults. Pediatricians are specially trained to recognize the importance of these differences, especially with young children and newborns.


Patient Portal

Patient portal is a complimentary, secure site where patients and parents can:

  • Request new appointments and view currently scheduled appointments
  • Request prescription refills (our goal is a 24 hour turn around, but please allow for 72 hours)
  • Send and receive secure health-related messages with Pavilion Pediatric Center
  • Update account information including address, phone, email address, and insurance
  • Review your medical summary and patient education forms
  • Obtain pending referral information
  • View current and past billing statements
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