Important Information



In order to minimize wait time, patients are seen by appointment only. Emergencies, of course, will be worked into the schedule as needed. When you call for an appointment you will be asked the nature of the visit. This information is important to determine the length of the visit; again to minimize the patient's waiting time. If you are unable to keep an appointment we request at least 24-hours notice of cancellation. This courtesy allows us to give your appointment time to another child and at the same time reschedule you for a more convenient time.  


Phone Calls and Messages

The telephone is an important and effective means of communication. Answering your questions about your child's health is an important part of our service. We encourage you to call if you have questions or concerns. Your call will be handled by one of our trained pediatric nurses, who will discuss your needs with you. When your question or problem is a medical one, the nurse will discuss it with the physician  and then return your call with our advice or answers to your questions before the end of business day.


Medication Refills

The quickest and easiest way to obtain a refill of medicine is to call your pharmacy and have them request authorization from our office.  As a general rule, we do not renew Antibiotic prescriptions unless it is documented in the patient's medical record. An examination by your physician will be necessary for any illness requiring antibiotic treatment.  Please note that when requesting prescriptions or refills we require (72) seventy-two hours notice.



We believe our fees are reasonable and customary for Pediatric services. Please contact our business office with any questions or concerns with your personal billing statement.


Medical record fees, Indiana:


       $20 labor fee (includes first 10 pages)

       $0.50 per page (pages 11 through 50)

      $0.25 per page (pages 51 and higher)

      Actual mailing costs

      $10 rush fee if records are to be provided within two business days

      $20 certifying fee (if certified)


  •  all co-pays listed on the insurance should be paid BEFORE seeing the physician

  • - Non-Payment of Co-Pay $10.00

  • - Returned Check Fee $30.00 (your method of payment will then be cash/credit or debit only)

  • - No Show Appointment Fee

    • - 1st Offense $25.00

    • - 2nd Offense $50.00

    • - 3rd Offense Dismissal

    • - No appointments will be scheduled until fees are paid in full


    •  Completion of All Paperwork $25.00

      • - FMLA

      • - Disability

      • - Other forms that are not completed on the day of visit.

Medical Records

Please note that when requesting copies of medical records, immunization records, prescriptions or refills we require (72) seventy-two hours notice.  All Copies and Paperwork will be completed 10-14 business days from time of signed request received. Forms that are not completed and signed by a parent and patient if  and when required will not be completed by the physican. All patient info including health questionnaire must be completed prior to physican/provider completing and signing.


Notice to our patients

Due to our contractual agreements with insurance companies and State Law, all co-pays MUST be collected at the time of service. All deductibles must also be collected . (All deductibles will be collected at the time of service if we are not a participating provider with your insurance company) Failure to pay the designated co-pay amount set by your insurance company will result in an additional charge. We will be enforcing a non-payment of co-pay fee. This fee will be an additional charge added to your total for those particular day's charges. This fee does not waive your co-payment. Pavilion pediatric center does not participate in legal issues i.e. divorce, accidents or other legal issues,  all payments are expected in full at the time of service from the Guardian or approved person bringing the patient to Pavilion pediatric center.


Patient Portal 

communicate with your doctor’s office and access up to date medical records. You will be able to access your appointments, lab results, vitals, manage medications and other personal data all within one app. From the Healow™ app     you can manage multiple accounts and access your and your family’s medical information. 
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